What Has The British Council Ever Done For Me?

In this video Piers Brown explains what the British Council did for him.


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  1. What Has The British Council Ever Done For Me?
    I really enjoyed this video item. It gave me a clear insight into some of the opportunities that are available through the British Council. It was also quite inspiring and heart-warming. I feel that the piece could well inspire other young people, in a similar situation to Piers, and would love to see more such stories relating to The British Council’s work abroad. Thank you.

  2. […] What Has The British Council Ever Done For Me? « The British Council celebrates 75 years tuttlebc75.wordpress.com/2009/10/25/what-has-the-british-council-ever-done-for-me – view page – cached In this video Piers Brown explains what the British Council did for him. — From the page […]

  3. No matter how many times we in the privileged parts of the world have previously been exposed to disturbing news clips and documentaries or inspiring, humbling tales from aid workers, it seems the likes of Piers and this excellent video short, are still needed to remind us we mustn’t ever become complacent about or indifferent to the plight of the less fortunate. Nicely edited; avoids the pretentious, patronising style of some film-makers efforts at portraying Govt good works, without being preachy. Impressed.

  4. This video dispels the image of the British Council as an old-fashioned organisation vacillating between spying and flower-arranging. It shows that the council has a worthwhile role to play in the modern world.

  5. Very good and precise, really liked the music and the rolling world. I thought it was put into segments well and very informative

  6. I like PA Thomson’s comment!

    Likewise, I have tended to think of the British Council as a bit worthy and dull, which is unfair. I have been working on a British Council funded executive education programme in Russia and it has been the experience of my professional life.

    The video lets Peirs tell his story in a compelling way, including the value of the project to him. I wanted to hear what the project meant to one of the Bangladeshi people involved. That comment is not meant as a criticism, quite the opposite. The video kept my attention and made me curious.

  7. Lovely vid – very smart use of graphics and sound. Clear and informative – lets the participant be the star. I think the most important thing is it encourages the viewer to ask for more. So hopefully there will be more.

  8. Great Video, I never really knew what the British Council did thesedays Very well presented video. This video may inspire other more people to get involved.

  9. My son’s friend has just gone to Columbia via the British Council to teach English, the British Council should be more active in advertising what they do and how they can facilitate the exchange of ideas and learning. Good Video – send it to all the Universities and Job centres.

  10. Nicely edited video. And well done Piers 🙂

  11. Good onya Cobba 🙂

    A fine testament to the fact that O-Levels do not maketh the man.

    I agree with Michael’s comments on the video…bluddy well done.

    Good luck at Uni mate 🙂


    Stephen G

    PS I look forward to seeing you on TED. And in the mean time, you might find this interesting…I did :-):

  12. – I didn’t know the British Council did this, very interesting.
    Good luck for the future!

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