Lloyd and I talk film

Lloyd and I spent Wednesday deep in the basement of the BFI, watching various British Council films. Most of them were from the 40s; most of them were, in one way or another, rather wonderful. We’re going down there again this Friday, and will be writing about it all in more detail over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, here’s some initial on-video thoughts about what we’ve seen so far – brought to you in authentic FORTIESvision! And I’ve also tried to catch the rather wonderful Steenback machine we were watching the films on.


3 Responses

  1. Interesting to see the impact of these films on different audiences today. Because I remember how we were – metal bashing and all that – I have that history internalised. I don’t think about it consciously now. Your reactions dramatised an internal dialogue I must have with myself all the time. How *did* we get from Mill to Mall? Loved the titles and credits. Nice!

  2. Thank you! Yup, it is a remarkable change – can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it elsewhere, but it feels like these films are one half of the story and Patrick Keiller’s ‘Robinson in Space’ is the other – acutely capturing a post-mass industry Britain. Also amazing to see how little public branding there was back in the day!

  3. […] digitised from the archive.  I love them.  I'm still as excited seeing new ones as I was when Al and I looked through the archive in the first […]

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