“Let Us Speak”: people talking about culture, tolerance and mutual understanding

Penny Jackson produced a film for Tuttle and Counterpoint, asking people in the street for their views on cultures and what it means to live in a multicultural society.

Penny’s starting  point was words about the British Council’s work, and she used this to prompt strangers she met in the street to give their thoughts.

I think there are some powerful messages in this film: when I first saw it last week, it felt quite hard-hitting. Their views are disarmingly honest; there is a certain charm, too, in the frankness of their thoughts.

Bits of the film I found quite moving, particularly the man who was visiting the UK and valued Britain’s many cultures.


2 Responses

  1. Listening to the man speaking about this country being rich in cultural difference reminded me of a colleague I was working with in Russia.

    I spent a day showing him around London. His overwhelming impression was exactly that man’s. He said he had never seen so many different nationalities and that was the thing he was most enjoying.

    By the way, I met my colleague through a British Council-funded education programme, a joint collaboration between a UK and Russian university.

    • It is really valuable to see our society through others’ eyes. I think we have so much that we take for granted – we only notice it when we stop and are made to think, like the people in Penny’s film.

      Particularly when the media seem to focus on the negatives of multiculturalsim – be it the political bogeyman of immigration or the threat of imported or homegrown terrorism – it is good to be reminded of the positives, too.

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