We are a group of consultants, members of London’s Tuttle Club, who are helping Counterpoint, the British Council‘s in-house think-tank, to look at interesting ways of talking about what the Council does and has done, in the context of it’s 75th Birthday this year.

We are carrying out work in four project streams, each of which you’ll be able to read about and discuss here. This blog will be short-lived in this incarnation as it will shortly move over to the new Counterpoint site (to be launched on 12th October 2009), but we are committed to carrying the work out as openly as we can and so we will be writing about our experiences, what we’ve done and what we’re learning as we go along. No point in waiting for the corporate infrastructure when something like this is freely available.

The project streams are:
Conversations – we are experimenting with getting conversations about culture and cultural relations started in small, face-to-face groups as well as online.
Testimony – we’re asking several people to reflect on the question “What has the British Council ever done for me?” and we’ll be some short films out of the results.
Film Archive – we have access to the Council’s film archive going back to the 1940s, we’ll be exploring that and writing about what it tells us about how views of culture have changed in the lifetime of the Council. We hope also to be able to share clips of archive material.
Exploring the Social Web – we’ll be working with staff of the Council to teach and encourage them to extend what they do by adding the use of social media and online social networking to their working lives

Please do join in through the comments form that you’ll find on every page. We’re interested in what you think about what we’re doing, how we’re doing it and what you else you think the British Council should be doing.


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  1. […] for the British Council , and is about the nature of culture and cultural relations. You can read about it here, and see that the method of investigation is, in large part, […]

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